Friday, October 26, 2007

i have super powers

My friend is going to lend me Heroes series, soon after his friend finishes the DVD. Being ignorant as always, i have to ask him what is Heroes all about, although i have AXN at home :p Paiseh. Reason is my bedtime is usually 10-10.30pm. I dun watch any show after 10.30pm as i dun want to risk falling asleep on my keyboard at work place and start typing weird characters like "werjeaercqewr i tafffffffffffffff" in my mails. At times, i may have to delay my bedtime when hubby wants to watch Discovery Realtime until 11pm. If i go to bed first, he will only be in bed at around 12am+, so late. Sometimes, i'm confused whether am i his wife or his mother.

Come to think of it, i can be part of Heroes too. I have a super powers. I can produce new life or a dozen of of them, if i want to. Besides, i can produce milk. What are yours? =P


  1. mine? i can make female produce milk, wahkakakaa!

    yeah, thats post-marriage symptom. u r beginning to feel that u r his wife + mom, and i m sure he felt it too, unless he is not sensitive. that's why every couple has to work on to 'maintain' the relaionship in the pre-marriage state, else u'll be more like his mom, and he'll eventually shutting off from ur motherly-in-command mode & nagging.

  2. I'm quite powerfool.

    I can squeeze milk out with my fingers or suck them out with my mouth. Which power do you prefer?