Monday, September 24, 2007

shopping with shopping cart

Recently i was introduced to a website set up by my friend to sell her hand-made swaroski crystal accessories. There are so many accessories include wide range of necklaces, ear rings & even bracelets. I was interested in a few items displayed in the website as they're quite attractive & priced at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, i'm not able to buy them online. What i need to do is so troublesome. First, I need to jot down the code of the items i want to buy and then send her the list thru email. I'm wondering hasn't she heard of shopping cart or ecommerce software? She should setup a shopping cart in her website using any shoppping car software that is available. If she is looking for an easy to set up shopping cart, she should visit Ashop Commerce for more information on how to set that up. I'm pretty sure by having a shopping cart, her customers would not have to go thru the hassle making sure they do not jot down the wrong code. Afterall, Ashop Commerce provides a 10-days trial for its customers.

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