Thursday, August 16, 2007

i laugh when i like it

Sometimes when i feel like ignoring everybody at home, i would pretend to not listening to their conversation and concentrate hard on the tv as if the show is so interesting, even during advertisement break :p I'm a very temperamental person. When i'm in the mood, i can joke and talk nonsense with you. Otherwise, everybody else is transparent to me. Hubby knows me very well but not in-laws. Sometimes, they will crack a joke and expect everybody to laugh along with them, which i oblige when i like it, just to give face. When you're forced to laugh, you will use up a lot of muscles on your face, tiring. "Heehee...heehee...heehee" Very funny meh??


  1. Hahaha Hohoho Hehehe,
    Sit in the hall watch TV.
    With in-laws, uncles and auntiees.

    I dont laugh, I'm suyee,
    Coz when i do, my secret lari,
    People will know I boh 'chiu khi'.

  2. say something new pls!! biasa dengar already.

  3. u know why the girls always group up to anti-me? becoz they alone cannot win.

    try harder next time. im ugly outside i know... filthy inside.