Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i just love him

Hubby has been very patient with me since.....since even before we got married? Though sometimes he loses his cool and treats me like a piece of glass. Of cos lar, i love to test his patience. Anyway, he has been very kind to drive me to & fro SP for my grandpa's funeral everyday since Sunday. He knows very well i'm super kepo & i love laujuak area even though in-laws have asked us try not to go that often. Too bad lar, I'm the type that if i want to do something & you want to act smart and tell me otherwise, i'll brush you off rudely or politely depending on your status. So today we will stay overnight in SP and taking a day off from work tomorrow. Mum says the cook will be cooking vegetarian laksa tonight *drooling*. But i can't take laksa :( Nevermind, can be like the hungry ghosts, stand aside and smell :P Hubby will smack me if i tell him this, tam ciak wife :P :P

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