Monday, August 6, 2007

he's in pain, can you all see?

We sent ah kong to the private medical center cum retirement home last week. Doc from LWE said that it's not suitable to put ah kong at home as he is now on RT feeding (every 3hours) and oxygen. The place is quite spacious but situated off the main road. Ah kong is put into a room of 4 persons since he is very afraid of being left alone & afraid of the dark. His both hands are still tied up to prevent him from pulling off the oxygen & RT feeding tubes. He is still aware of what's happening around him, but just couldn't recognize everybody including his own kids & grandchildren. Due to not able to eat solid food, he is getting weaker and weaker. No water intake thru mouth too to avoid water flowing into his totally collapsed right lung. It's a very pathetic sight. Sunken eyes & cheek, boney legs and arms. When he coughed, you could see him in pain looking at the expression on his face. My frens suggested that we recite prayers for him to leave peacefully. But dad's siblings still insisted to prolong his life with giving him vitamins and energy booster liquid. What for???

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