Monday, July 2, 2007

24-hour bicycle patrol

Hip hip hurray, police force in our country is really serious in fighting crime. First they use patrol car, then superbike, followed by horses & now BICYCLES. Yes, now we'll see policeman on bikes since North Seberang Prai police wants to fight crime by 24-hour bicycle patrol. They want to use bicycles cos they can go into narrow lanes and crowded areas, but this bicycle patrol is not meant for chasing criminals, ironic izzit? The police also encourage us to install CCTVs for safety purpose as well as notify them thru SMS or phone calls. Read more here.

My BIL told me of a funny incident. A house owner called police for help as he suspected the burglar was still in the house. When the police officer reached, the police officer signaled the house owner to go into the house first. Takut mati ke??

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