Wednesday, June 27, 2007

place to eat?

Does anybody know where to have dinner for 4 persons + karaoke in Penang or Bworth? Budget is around RM200-300. Any type of food is fine except Japs, cos FIL dun take japanese food & i dun take raw food :P

My bro-in-law is coming back this Saturday & hubby is planning to organize a dinner to celebrate both father's & mother's day. MIL enjoys singing & she just took part in a singing competition among her own gang. Hakkaido at Gurney Drive is not a bad idea but it's gonna be very expensive.


  1. I can only think of PBA at the moment...based on my experience. They are good.

    I drink tab water and sing in the showers. Cheap and available most of the need to do booking.

  2. you're so religious & a vegetarian, Mr. Nice Guy.