Monday, June 11, 2007

last saturday

Last Friday, both of us skipped dinner. Instead we had choc feast...haha. We didn't feel like eating a complete meal for dinner. He had laksa before 5pm while i had heavy lunch. He suggested we go for supper which i was too lazy to change and step out from the house. Finally we just went to bed not feeling hungry at all after the chocs.

Hubby woke me up quite early on Saturday morning, at 9.30am. usual time to wake up is 11am. So off we went to do our marketing nearby the house. Spent about RM30 and i cooked for lunch & dinner. More expensive than eating out huh? But hubby wanted a home cooked food, so no choice. Steamed fish, soup, veggies & omellettee. My culinary skill isn't exactly that excellent, but the food was edible. Hubby went off to look for his "mistress", his dream superbike with FIL. Wasn't really interested in anything with 2 wheels :P Actually, it's the price, he can get me a brand new Vios with the same price. Crazy or not?

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