Wednesday, June 20, 2007

help Yvonne Foong

The first thing i saw on my blog this morning was an ad about a patient of Neurofibromatosis, Yvonne Foong (see the Ads on the right of my blog). The title of the ad is "Click here to find out how you can help a blogger who might be in danger of losing her eyesight."

She is suffering from Neurofibromatosis where there are tumors along her spine, brain & under her skin. She lost her hearing within a year. Although she may look well now, but her whole body is full of ticking time bombs. My heart goes out to her.

Some may question why didn't she go for newspapers or higher authority like MCA for help? She has a good reason behind her. All she needs is fund for constant scanning to trace abnormalities in her body and she may not know when the tumor will attack her body. I hope those who are reading this will sympathy her and give her support that she needs.

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