Thursday, May 17, 2007

paypal - cannot accept money =(

I'm still searching for a way to accept sent by sponsors in PayPal. Was able to do that until recently when they implemented the condition where you need to enter US Bank Account before accepting the money sent to your account. Iskh!! I'm a Malaysian without US Bank Account. So i wrote a letter to PayPal support team and they replied assuring me that there is a glitch during their system upgrading last week. Aiyer.....why like that? So this issue will be fixed.

I need to find someone with US Bank and Spore Bank Account. In case the problem is not solved, i'll need to trust my frens who have these banks......

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  1. Hey..thanks for popping by.

    I did say about opening that US BANK ACCT on my site..and since that info is free...USE IT!@ Paypal will not help you get that sorted out my dear...and well, I was the top earners for PPP...(now abit slacked).. but do what I asked you to do..and you will be fine!

    Best wishes

    azrin @
    and pop by again.