Tuesday, May 22, 2007

paypal again

There are several options where you can accept & withdraw money from PayPal due to the tech glitch as claimed by paypal team.

1) Buy a VMI card (expensive)
Learn more from Hong Kiat's Blog. This an expensive option since you have to pay so much each time money is withdrawn from the ATM. Withdraw in bulk, if possible.

2) Buy an E*Trade card (expensive). Read more at Azrin's

3) Get someone with Singapore Paypal account (rational)
Changing your street address does not mean changing your country of residence. PayPal does not currently support addresses from multiple countries on the same PayPal account. But you can withdraw funds to the local Singapore bank from your Singapore PayPal account.

3) Send money to other people whom you trust and let them encash for you. Risky.

1 comment:

  1. Psst... I did find out that you can have all the facilities for $100 initial deposit..but you need a paymaster's / house check.

    With $100 in yr account, they will then allow you to request for a check card/debit visa card and your checkbook.

    Let me know if you need that initial check.