Thursday, May 31, 2007

i'm so hang fuk

Hubby went out for lunch yesterday to Secret Recipe. I asked him got ta pao anything for me? He said nope. #$#@!!! Nevermind, less fat intake. On the way to carpark, i saw him with SR plastic bag *grin grin* He didn't forget me and it was Choc Indulgence! Thanks :)

Reached our usual economy rice stall near our house. There was a new stall selling laksa. Instead of rice, asked hubby to get the laksa for me. My excuse was just wanna try. When we got home, our porch was covered with white dust, thanks to our neighbour who has just only decided to have his house renovated after 6 months. Hubby had to clean the porch while i cleaned the sink. Ants invaded our rubbish bin.

Soon after that we went for our routine jog. I regretted to sign up for Penang Bridge Marathon :( This time i completed 2 rounds. I bathed after hubby. Was going to ask him to heat up the laksa soup for me but i chged my mind. So after i bathed, my laksa was ready, hot & nice. Thanks to hubby again :D He always knows what to do at the right time :) Sometimes he really makes me feel so touched :P

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