Monday, May 7, 2007

greedy me

I'm done for today. Just finished up 5 reviews from 2 blogs. Have another 5 reviews to go for 2 other blogs. Can i call it a day? Tired of typing while working at the same time :P

I think i went nut. I bidded for 12 review from Sponsored Reviews and it seems i need to complete all of them once approved, otherwise say bye bye to my blogs. Hey, i didn't read fine print!! So far only 1 review has been approved on SR, still safe. I want all my bids to be approved and yet please dun approve them all at the same time :P

With RM & SR, i think i'm tied up already yet i'm waiting for PPP to approve my blogs. Those who could write 30 reviews per day, i salute them.

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