Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Help me to understand something. Hubby is upset becos he couldn't get his dream superbike. Why? Becos the money he wanted to use to get his superbike will have to be used to cover part of my home loan. Long story but the point is he is down now. Partly due to his workload too. And i am his victim! Why want to let go at me when he cannot get the stupid bike? If it's about work, leave it in the office before you get into the car. Why i have to be his victim? When he is upset with something or angry with me, he treats me like a glass. I hate it when he does that. First mum, now him?? I better go to Lillian Too's website to see if there is anything for me to defend myself against all the bad chi for this month. Bad bad month for me. Quarrelsome month.

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  1. If he wants that superbike so much..go get one from Singapore ah..cheaper than a kancil!

    Only thing is..every year must go inspection. I ride one myself!