Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ashop Commerce - shopping cart software

Ashop Commerce shopping cart software is simply easy & affordable and it caters from small to big businesses. Once signed up, you'll receive set up information instantly via email & only need to spend about an hour to add products to the system. Not additional tools are needed, other than internet connection. It has everything under one roof, from web promotion to design services to ecommerce tip & tools.

I recommended this Ashop Commerce shopping cart software to my neighbour who owns a tooling shop and he was estatic. After calculating the cost & profit, no doubt the turnover would be fast. One of the testimonials of Ashop Commerce shopping cart posted online "Within 3 days, we'd had enough orders to pay for the first months costs - all the rest was going to be profit !" Why not? Customers can order products online conveniently. If this goes well, i think he'll no longer need to hire so many workers. Having Ashop Commerce shopping cart , it's like opening his shop 24-7 everyday! On top of everything, his could now reduce his bad debts, for all transaction online is either by cash or credit card, up to his own definition. Not only that, his shop is always up to date with new search engine algorithms. Who says a simple shop in a small city cannot compete with big shops in other cities.

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