Monday, May 21, 2007


Yes, it's 5kg not 8mm. I'M FAT!!!! Before marriage, i kept my weight to 55kg with so much effort cos i'm a good eater. It was so hard to refrain from eating after each meal. Even before i met my husband, i was 64kg and since he is the skinny type, so no choice, had to reduce food intake to match him....hahaha....see what girls will do for the person they love :P

So it only took me a few months to gain extra 5 kg. I still remember the a day after my wedding, i took extra heavy lunch since i didn't get to eat much during my wedding dinner. Have to entertain so many friends & relatives then. After that, i opened up all the chocs hubby got for me when he was on biz trip. Chocs, gummy bears, sour worms.....etc. During CNY, MIL stocked up our fridge with carbonated drinks & packed drinks. 1 can after lunch, 1 can after dinner, 1 can when i'm feeling syiok. Syiok or not? Heaven for me. So now, i gain 5 kg fat all over me. No wonder my pants are tighter now :P Now wonder no more sleeveless shirt for me.

Hubby is complaining about my extra 5kg already. Once upon a time, he bought me a set of slimming lingerie & Osim U-zap. I once told him, his money will not go to waste....hehehe.

Can i go back in shape? :P

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