Thursday, April 26, 2007

good bye, Tengai

It's not a dog or a pet. It's a motorbike, by the name Tengai (Kawasaki model).

I have no idea why it's named like that. FIL informed us that there is a buyer finally. I didn't reliaze last 2 weeks was my last time to sit on it. This bike is quite huge & high, noisy & fast.

The first time i sat on it was about 2 years ago. Kinda scary at first cos i know how to ride on EX5. Hubby went round Peninsular Msia with in-laws on that bike too, he was only 17. FIL has a lot of bikes in his shop, they are all his assets & will not be sold to anybody. This weekend, we can no longer can save on penang bridge toll as the bike will be gone by this afternoon.

FIL is planning to buy another superbike now, Africa Twin. A second hand AT costs around RM30K+, and there are limited units in Penang only. I rather they spend the money on a car perhap - RM27k brand new Iswara ;)

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